Fire Protection


Fine dusts from organic or metallic components are combustible.
Herding® Filter Units can be equipped with preventive and constructive fire protection measures.

Preventive measures are for example:

  • Design Filter Unit free of own ignition sources
  • Use of a spark arrestor Herding® SPARKSTOP for spark-generating processes
  • Regular dust discharge to minimize the dust amount inside the Filter Unit
  • Passivation of the combustible dust by systematic addition of inert material to create a non-combustible mixture of dust and inert material

Effective systems for detection, alarming and fighting of fires inside the filter unit are available if constructive fire protection measure become necessary.

Fire Detection // Fire Alarm // Fire Fighting for Herding® Filter Units


  • Integrated object protection system for Herding® Filter Units based on ISO 19353 „Safety of machinery - Fire prevention and fire protection“
  • Accepted by relevant property insurer
  • One supplier only for Filter Unit and Fire Protection System


  • Use of extinguishing aerosol (for brand classes A and B) without oxygen displacement
  • Fire Detection by heat detection cable installed at the critical spots in the Filter Unit