Herding FLEXTOP50


The Herding® FLEXTOP50 is a compact high-performance filter plant which is flange-fitted primarily to pneumatic conveyors for bulk materials.

The unit is comprised of an upper part, a clean gas area with cleaning unit, and a discharge hood with ring gap through which the air escapes directly into the surroundings. Alternatively a clean gas pipe can be connected to a housing cover or to the side.

A slotted plate to which the Herding filter media are secured separates the cylindrical clean gas compartment from the raw gas compartment. The individual components are joined together by means of clamping rings. The unit can also be used as a silo top filter. In this case it is fastened directly to a silo mounting frame acting as an adaptor piece and the raw gas cylinder is not needed.


  • Compact unit which is compatible with existing systems
  • Large filter area in minimum space
  • Easy handling due to fast-clamping device


With the Herding® rigid-body filter media, it is often possible to do without the raw gas cylinder provided there is space for the filter media.

Very simple and therefore robust construction with extremely long service life of the Herding filter media.