Accessories are understood to be all components and controls with which filter units can be equipped in order to remove, transport, separate and collect dust safely and reliably.

For example, extinguishing systems and rupture disks are used for fire and explosion protection.

Precoating with Herding MULTICOATERS is available to guarantee troublefree operation when handling adhesive dusts.

Our experience with sintering enables us to manufacture porous sintered parts such as tubes, plates or customized special elements.

All the components needed for dust removal, dust transport or dust disposal can be supplied either from our own production departments or from our sub-suppliers. The range extends from hoods, cutting tables, throttle valves, tubes, dust collecting systems and vacuum feeders to control solutions for plants and systems with their own control units (MP12) or control panels.

And for the smooth and safe recovery of products or the dust disposal there are valve heaters, submicron particulate filters, spray beams and beaters, to name but a few of the many additionalcomponents, are available.  


  • One contact and supplier for complete systems
  • We are also your reliable contact for subsequent process adaptations and upgrades
  • Our service department has exact knowledge of every component


Filter media, units and numerous components are manufactured by Herding itself, so it is in an ideal position to take account of individual customer requirement.