We offer the production of thermally cut parts made of sheet metal with 1-25mm width up to the 2000×6000mm size.

To thermally cut the semi-finished metal plate products, we use the top laser firing machine TruLaser 5060 by company TRUMPF.  This machine can burn any 2D-geometry programmed directly or taken from DXF-file.

Advantages of TruLaser 5060 Machine

  • Laser is universal for cutting the cut outer and inner 2D shapes, for lettering (engraving), stamping, marking, etc. Multiple advantages of processing the materials with laser are used in many entirely different areas. The high flexibility, processing speed and quality along with simplification of entire production process are always at the forefront.
  • 2D-laser cutting machines TRUMPF works on the principle of " flying optics" – The cutting head moves and the semi-finished product (sheet-metal panel) stays idle.
  • TRUMPF is just the company having the most advanced technology in the area of industrial lasers and laser systems in the world. 

Technical Specifications of the machine TruLaser 5060:

Operating range:


Maximum panel size


6000 x 2000 mm

Maximum sheet metal thickness


Carbon structural steel:


25 mm

Austenitic steel:


15 mm

Aluminium and its alloys:


12 mm

Positioning accuracy:


± 0,1 mm

Cut joint width:


0,15 – 0,4 mm

Orders receipt and issue:

Mon-Fri 7,00 – 15,00
lunch break 11,30 - 12,00
(issue out of working hours must be arranged by telephone in advance)