Herding filters in surface finishing applications

Herding®  dust extraction systems are widely used in surface finishing applications, where they play a very important role as bunker top filters, process filters, integrated filters or simple exhaust air filters.

Some examples of the finishing technology involved:

  • powder enameling
  • powder painting
  • wet painting
  • galvanizing
  • etc.

Herding® sinter-plate filters with their unique properties offer the following outstanding features:

  • excellent separation performance, providing effective protection for man and machine
  • high material recovery rate which boosts productivity
  • long service life and low wear rate, which cuts down spare parts and maintenance costs

Used as rigid filters, the elements can be integrated directly in the process.

Herding manufactures both the filter media and filtration equipment, including complete systems. These solutions substantially enhance productivity on new build, modernization or upgrade projects over a wide range of applications.